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  • strax sees clara as a boy, and usually identifies people by a wrong gender
  • strax sees “young men” doing sports in clara’s subconscious
  • you cannot convince me that clara oswald is straight thank u bye
  • "I have never had the slightest interest in pretty young men"
  • and she needed a boyfriend to show her family at christmas

AGRA crack theory


That last Ask got me thinking about Mary’s files. An idea popped into my head and I’m just going to run with it. (Warning: this is a total crack theory. Feel free to rip it to shreds.)


Sherlock fixates on the drive the second Mary sets it down. This is a case, and he needs data. He listens to the way Mary subtly manipulates John. If you love me, don’t read it in front of me. John will comply – he’s a romantic. Sherlock knows this just as well as Mary.

That won’t stop Sherlock from reading the files. But hold on – Mary knows that. Mary knows when Sherlock’s fibbing, she can read him quite well. So, Sherlock realizes, whatever is on this drive, Mary knows Sherlock will see it eventually. That means it contains information she wants Sherlock to see. (And Sherlock undoubtedly knew right off the bat that there was no way someone as clever as Mary would simply carry around a hard drive containing the information needed to “put her away for the rest of her life.”)

Mary setting that drive down was a carefully calculated strategic move. Sherlock knows a game of chess when he sees it. One move, and one survivor. 


And this, this, is Mary’s move.


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this if fucking genius.